About Us

S.K. and J. Leigh are sister writers.  They have been writing and encouraging each other to write since they were children, so it only made sense for them to blog about it together when they grew up.

About S.K.

S.K. doesn’t believe in straight paths to anywhere.  Her many meanderings through life have taken her through a Ph.D. in English Literature (specializing in the Medieval period) and becoming a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.  She has been a businesswoman…several times…a teacher, and an associate editor for a magazine.  She is the mother of four rambunctious boys and a darling baby girl.

But always, through it all, she has been a writer.  And now, at long last, she is able to devote herself to pursuing this childhood dream…even though she is one of that rare breed of writer: the spare moment author.  Yes.  Don’t miss the next special on her kind on the Discovery Channel.

What are the habits of the spare moment author? you ask.

She seizes flashes of silence and pens a paragraph.  She fleshes out the evolution of a novel on the voice notes recorder of her Blackberry en route to the Post Office.  She loves the allure of a new package of pens and a blank notebook because they promise the hasty transcription of character sketches and plot lines from that most dignified office…the loo.


Moving on.

S.K. writes primarily historical fiction (but don’t try to confine her to a time period).  She also enjoys working in the medium created by the happy collision of sci-fi, fantasy, and legend that produced her debut novel, Silesia: The Outworlder.  You can also find her writing articles on myriad topics of interest to her.

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About J. Leigh

J. Leigh writes primarily fantasy and YA fantasy novels.  She has made one foray into science fiction, and enjoyed it so much she may eventually publish that experiment, if she survives the effort.  Her favorite thing about writing fantasy is the excitement of exploring new worlds and experiencing exciting adventures — all on a very low-cost budget!  All you really need is coffee.  Low cost + coffee = success for a perpetual student like J. Leigh, who may have heard of the concept of a full-time job but likes to avoid that topic as much as possible.

When she isn’t writing, J. Leigh enjoys fencing, listening to music of a variety of genres, costuming, and inventing languages for her worlds.  That last bit is a secret, so don’t tell.  She may even put up some information about her different languages at some time, if she can be persuaded to.

Besides work, J. Leigh also doesn’t believe in ages.  So don’t ask her how old she is.  She is either eighteen or eighty-five, or somewhere in the middle.

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