S.K.’s Current Projects

Silesia: The Outworlder

Silesia: The Outworlder is now available as an ebook here and in paperback here!

My current projects are a varying lot.  Right now, I’m focused on writing Book 2 of the Silesia Trilogy, The Lords of Askalon.  But I also have a historical novel waiting in the wings: Son of Troy.  I have many, many more stories in various stages of development, filed away in…well…my file cabinet.  Many are historical fiction also, but not all.

I’m not entirely a genre writer.  You can’t really pigeon-hole me into the YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy author guild.  I’ve heard different schools of thought on this…that diversity is good for financial portfolios but not so much for authors.  Perhaps.  But first and foremost, I write for the Muse of my own heart…whatever stories she sings to me, I’ll transcribe.


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