The Silesia Trilogy

Silesia: The Outworlder

Silesia: The Outworlder

Now available as an ebook here and in paperback here!

It was an accident of fate.

Sahara should have spent the rest of her life in the Dragon-Lords’ labor camps on the desert world of Silesia.  And she should have died like everyone else when her prison transport ship crashed in the sands. But she lived. And now she is free.

Rescued from the desert by Jared Alareth, a hard-fisted jack-of-all-trades, and far from her own homeworld, Sahara works tirelessly to foment a rebellion to overthrow the tyrannical regime of the Dragon-Lords.  But even as she struggles to lead his people to freedom, Jared begins to realize that the treachery of the Dragon-Lords runs deeper than they had ever imagined.  When Sahara’s fate becomes tied to that of Silesia itself, will Jared find a way to save them both before it’s too late?

Silesia: The Lords of Askalon

They are gone. All gone.

All that was once left of Silesia — the tiny rebel settlement of Albadir — has been destroyed, and its people shipped into the void of space on a disabled transport ship by the minions of the Dragon-Lords. Jared and his small band of friends mount a desperate rescue attempt, hoping to find their people before it is too late. Their first stop: the prison moon of K’ilenfir, where they hope to commandeer a ship for deep space travel.

There they discover that things are more dangerous than they could ever have imagined.

Now that the tyrannical Dragon-Lord Council has been overthrown, a triumvirate of gang lords has surged in — almost overnight, it seems — to fill the gap. Killing, enslaving, or terrorizing anyone who stands in their way, they have established their base of operations on the planet of Askalon. Their goal: total control of interplanetary commerce by controlling the system’s fuel reserves. They are also rapidly developing a relationship with the lethal ring of drug kingpins who control the neighboring star system of Halcyon. When Jared’s rescue operation lands the little band on Askalon, they quickly become enmeshed in the underworld of slaves and harlots and a growing insurrection that threatens to swell into bloody open conflict.

Will saving the people of Albadir mean another war of liberation? And if they have to fight, what will be the cost?

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