Monthly Archives: March 2011

Having purpose

I love to think about language.

Yes, I was one of those nerdy kids in high school who actually enjoyed grammar.  Even more than grammar, though, I enjoy considering how language does what it does: how does it communicate thoughts, and how does it shape our understanding?

I’m not one of those authors who is interested in writing crap because people will buy it if you dress it up enough.  So what is the point, then?  To teach and to delight — the twin purposes of poetry.  Writing should make us think about who we are, individually and as a culture.  It should make us think about what is most important to us, and whether the things that we think are most important actually matter at all in the grand scheme of things.

But writing is also meant to delight.  It shouldn’t shock or disgust us into some kind of horrified numbness.  We should enjoy what we read; we should take it in and ruminate about it.  Ruminate.  The word actually means “to chew”…like a cow chews its cud.  What we read should be delightful enough and powerful enough to contemplate, not just once, but many times.  It should stick with you, and, ultimately, change you for the better.

In the course of this blog, I hope to share some of my thoughts about writing and the writing life, ranging from the practical hows to the abstract whys.  I’ll also post teaser chapters for my latest projects and update you on their availability.

So, welcome!