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Down a Lost Road (Lost Road Chronicles, Book 1) 

The way her summer vacation is beginning might be everything 16-year-old Merelin Lindon ever imagined — in her wildest daydreams.  It begins the day she receives a strange medallion from the convenience store clerk, of all people.  When she learns that the medallion belonged to her father, who has been missing for four years, her whole world starts changing.  Literally.  Before she realizes it, she finds herself drawn into a strange world somehow linked to Earth’s mythical past.

Better still, waiting for her there is the most fascinating, attractive, and at times infuriating young man she has ever met.  Only Yatol seems to know an awful lot about her already.  And…her father.  That’s when things take a turn for a nightmarish worse.  Merelin learns that her father not only came from this world, but is here now, held captive by his people’s ancient enemy.  The quasi-dead beings called the Ungulion are preparing for open war, and they are hunting Merelin obsessively.  Supported by Yatol’s mysterious strength and the growing bond of love between them, Merelin chooses to hazard everything, to suffer things she never imagined, in a foolhardy quest to rescue her father and save his people.  But it may cost her more than she can imagine…

Subverter (Lost Road Chronicles, Book 2)

A year has passed since the Judgment, and Merelin Lindon is beginning to believe she will never return to the world she loved. But when she begins to suffer from strange visions of a life and a love she left behind, visions that grow darker and harsher with each passing day, she comes to understand that her role in Arah Byen is far from over.

But nothing can prepare her for what she will find. Peace should have been returning to the world, but a new enemy has crept from the shadows, plotting the overthrow of all that Merelin holds dear. With everything turned upside-down and nothing as it seems, Merelin must discover whose side she is really on, and who she can trust, before it is too late.

But how can she know who to trust, when she isn’t even sure she can trust herself?

Prism (Lost Road Chronicles, Book 3)

Forced to take on a new identity to protect herself from a still-angry people, Merelin Lindon wants nothing more than to help bring the world of Arah Byen into some kind of balance. But nothing is going as planned. The High King Zhabyr is falling apart. Merelin’s allies have scattered, and even Yatol is acting more mysterious and tormented than ever. And just when Merelin believes things can’t get any worse, she is framed for a terrible crime, and deserted by those who should have defended her.

But Merelin soon realizes that she is not the victim of a horrible plot, but just one more pawn in a deadly game she never really understood. It is the game immortals play, and nothing can prepare her for the truths that are coming to light, or the enemy she knows she will have to face.

In the coming fight Merelin cannot stand alone. But can she bring her allies together before it is too late?

The Madness Project (The Madness Method, Book 1) -YA fantasy WIP

In a world where science and technology reign supreme, humans gifted with magic are the outcasts of society. Shunned, ridiculed, and despised for being backwards and un-progressed, the so-called jurzies live in the slums and the shadows, and sometimes even the criminal underground. No one can be a starlet in the eyes of society if magic flows in their veins.

Until the crown prince and darling of Cavnal, Tarik Trabinis, discovers his gift.

Forced by his father to hide his ability when he is only five years old, Tarik almost manages to forget his loathsome gift until the eve of his seventeenth birthday, when his father gives him a new command. Tarik must now learn to use his rare ability to infiltrate the shadowy Rivanic Clan, in a desperate effort to discover its purpose and its plans. But what Tarik will discover will challenge everything he thought he knew – and make him question the true meaning of loyalty and betrayal, love and honor.

Ethereal (YA fantasy)

Shadow and Light. Night and day. The war between the Ethers has no beginning. No one believes it will ever have an end. Though human life depends on their stalemate, the Ethers have little concern for mortals…until one girl finds herself at the very heart of the war. Caught between Atan, the Splendor, and Emery, a Shadow, Therrei must learn that the price of freedom is love, and that survival never comes without sacrifice.

The Grey Tide (fantasy)

Braden Lockail is the son of the greatest living hero.  His father, Tharon Tescelin, is the subject of songs and legends; he is Dragonsage, Knight, King’s Lord and most trusted Councilor.  Though Braden is only seven years old, he understands that behind all the honor and glory, a hero’s life is one of great sacrifice and sadness—spending long years away from home, abandoning loved ones to loneliness and uncertainty, being hated as much as loved…and sometimes even more.

A hero is the last thing Braden wants to become.

But as he grows, the ten gifts of the Ten Tyrin begin awakening in him, and Braden realizes that the simple life he longs for will never be his.  And as he tries to sort out the overwhelming burden of the gifts, he discovers that he is embroiled in a political struggle that is just one facet of a larger conflict with the Bolistran—the cult of sorcerers—and their leader, the Grey Lord Alidur himself.

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